A Bambalina-Circuit Teatral Valencià co-production

Bambalina has returned to a more traditional concept of puppet handling, recovering such classical concepts as that of the stage within a stage, concealing the handlers, the string puppet… It has achieved it, and this is the most outstanding, with great care, I would say almost luxury, in the plastic details: an excellent scenic framework and marionettes built in a truly meticulous manner; the Persian and Turkish iconography is claimed explicitly by the programme and is impossible to ignore. One cannot, therefore, deny the seriousness of the production. However, it is not that easy to stage a tale as it might first appear and this can be seen in the work: the show surely has a little excess of rigour and lacks something in joy, rhythm if one wants.

- Josep Lluís Sirera -

Artistic team

Adaptation: Vicent Vila

Directed by: Jaume Policarpo

Puppeteers: Josep Policarpo, José María Calatayud, Amparo Sanjuán, Eva Blasco

Scenery, wardrobe and marionettes: Jaume Policarpo, Vicent Vila

Lighting: Josep Solbes.

Technician: Emilio Lavarías.

Wardrobe design: Marina Castro, Teresa Calatayud

Photography: Vicente Jiménez.

Executive production: Vicent Vila, Josep Policarpo