The Canterville ghost


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be a ghost and float through the air passing though walls? To hear and to see without being seen or heard, playing at life without having the responsibility of being in it? Oscar Wilde’s work shows us a visionary author who maintains, at the end of this cybernetic millennium, all of the acidic criticism launched against the powerful Jupiter that is North America. We identify ourselves with the phantom whose history, tradition and legend is of little importance to unwitting generations whose sole ethical reasoning is individualism. Imposed against these are the eternal values: solidarity, tolerance, friendship and, why not, doubt. It makes us proud to see that, despite the cybernetic future that approaches, children continue to be fascinated by the puppets that are the stars of this story, written on paper and now brought to life in fabric, wood and cardboard.

- Ramón Moreno -

Artistic team

Stage script: Jaume Policarpo

Directed by: Ramón Moreno

Performers: Jaume Policarpo, Esperanza Giménez, David Durán

Scenery and lighting: Jaume Policarpo, Ximo Muñoz, Salvador Comeche

Wardrobe design: Marina Castro

Marionette and prop design and construction: Ion Ladarescu, Ximo Muñoz

Photography: Pepi Ureña

Executive production: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González