The garden of earthly delights


This contains and expresses life in a way that is so diverse and so blended that it impresses. I have always been moved by the idea of the author who has managed to express so precisely the pleasure, the fear and the void that accompanies existence. This is an idea that obsesses me and at the same disheartens me because I am aware of the great difficulty involved in providing or transferring these emotions to the audience.

- Jaume Policarpo -

Artistic team

Stage script: Jaume Policarpo

Musical composition: Joan Cerveró

Direction and stageplay: Jaume Policarpo

Performers: Josep Policarpo, Esperanza Giménez, Ion Ladarescu

Scenery and marionettes: Carles Alfaro, Jaume Policarpo

Marionette and prop design: Ion Ladarescu, Ximo Muñoz

Lighting design: Jaume Policarpo, Ion Ladarescu

Photography: Pedro Llorca

Executive production: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González