The little Prince - The selfish Giant


El Principito (The Little Prince) is a story of learning and discovery, everything in it being impregnated with clarity and poetry. The drawings that Saint Exupéry had printed between the sheets of the book looked like puppets to us and so we found some paintable white cork balls and then made a hole for a finger, converting them into heads. Oscar Wilde is another poet who imagined a selfish and solitary giant seduced by the natural curiosity of some children. Both stories are impregnated with melancholy and this is, perhaps, why we imagine them together, inhabited by puppets and objects made from painted card.

Artistic team

Adaptation: Vicent Vila

Puppeteers: Vicent Vila, Jaume Policarpo, Josep Policarpo, Ester Segrelles, Lali Vicent

Collective direction