La Cueva del Gran Banús


Bambalina has taken a lot of care over the staging components: lighting, music, special effects, handling, puppet construction, etc. On this latter I have no objection, just the voices, which I found unfortunate. As for the dramatic anecdote one has to say that, trying not to fall into the false transcendence or the work’s thesis (a problem with many marionette artists), the story created by Vicent Vila is purely and absolutely fantastic: water that neither soaks or drowns, trees that talk, a unicorn that travels through outer space… At any rate does it let escape the message that desire is omnipotent (in fact omnipotence is imagination).

- Nel Diago -

Artistic team

Author: Vicent Vila

Puppeteers: Vicent Vila, Jaume Policarpo, Josep Policarpo

Collective direction

Scenery, marionettes and lighting: Vicent Vila, Jaume Policarpo

Wardrobe design: Filo Chornet, Ester Segrelles

Voices: Consol Rico, Geno Hurtado, Enric Cerdà, Vicent Vila, Jaume Policarpo, Josep Policarpo

Photography: Ricardo García

Executive production: Vicent Vila