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Bambalina burst onto the Valencian scene in 1981, focusing its approach on the singular mode that is puppet theatre. In its eagerness to regenerate and dignify this artistic mode, they created the  Vall d’Albaida International Puppet Festival (1985) and the Albaida International Puppet’s Museum(1997),

two initiatives that have signified a cultural experience for the district and which have become an international point of reference.

Bambalina was established in Valencia in 1991 and began collaborating with creative artists such as Carles Alfaro, Joaquín Hinojosa, Ramón Moreno, Gemma Miralles, Joan Cerveró, Ricardo Belda, Jesús Salvador “Chapi”, Charles Ditout, Jean-François Heisser and Peter Csaba. The company has an ongoing presence in the main cities in Spain and in many European festivals. The company’s growing importance has resulted in numerous awards and firm recognition from high institutions such as the Generalitat Valenciana and the Ministry of Culture.

From 2000 on the company took on far more important projects: a co-production with Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales and the Instituto Valenciano de la Música. Later it signed exhibition agreements with the Instituto Cervantes and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that led to tours in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Morocco and the whole of East Asia. In 2005, Bambalina culminated this expansion process with Ubú, a large format co-production for the Nave de Sagunto.

Bambalina has always been outstanding for the interdisciplinary vocation of its shows and for its use of a theatre language in tune with the contemporary playwrights. Over its 30 years of history, the company has staged some emblematic works of universal literature and musical repertoire such as Pinocchio, Quijote, Ulysses, Cyrano de Bergerac, Alice, The Maese Pedro puppet show and The soldier’s story. It has also developed a more personal line of creation with productions such as The garden of earthly delights, Pasionaria, The smile of Federico García Lorca, El cielo en una estancia, Kraft, The unreal woman, Cosmos, Petit Pierre or Cubes.


A show with texts by Jaume Policarpo, Xavier Puchades and Paco Zarzoso [ ] True / [ ] False When you think of what you have experienced, you invent an imaginary realm where you can recreate your memories. This space (like the stage) houses a reconstructed world that has ties with the actual experience which […]

A Bambalina-Paco Bascuñan-Jácara Teatro and Teatres Generalitat Valenciana production for La Nau de Sagunt.  This time the mystery goes by the name of Ubú. There are those who consider him to be character, but he isn’t. If he were, then a face could be fit on him and that is not the case, he is […]



Federico García Lorca’s Smile is an affective approach to the life and universe of the brilliant poet from Granada. This is a show that explores the metaphorical capacity of images in which the aesthetic and expressive abound. From the start of the show there is an unusual scene created that captivates the spectator with its […]

An extraordinary work studded with references and allusions to the great dilemmas of human existence, put together with a prodigious score make for the perfect canvas for painting a poem. Rafael Alberti, a man of his time, was one of the first to be enamoured by this Story of the Soldier. As always with lovers, […]



Lennon Three characters caught up in the performance: a jazz singer, her puppeteer son, and a stripper who will cross their path. Unpredictable because they are human, sensitive because they show us their most secret ways, complete because they consider themselves hopelessly unfinished. They live with the weight of the past or their guilt, they […]

This is a dance of the mind for actors and puppets with the memories of Dolores Ibaurri, the communist leader born in the Basque Country. Brushstrokes of a life that passes and is exiled among the most striking images of the 20th century. Bambalina shows us a Dolores made of wood, made a puppet, one […]



You only have to come as the audience and to experience this little big miracle directly, a show which is unfairly called original, because it is a lot more than that. In addition to its most technical virtues (scenery plasticity, the precision of the musical notes or the discretion with which the lighting creates and […]

A Bambalina-Centre Teatral Escalante production. Of note in this version of Alicia is the high level of creativity in a version that is dramatically efficient, of excellent design and management, with more than worthy results. The Sala Escalante continues to score points with a moderate and coherent policy compared with the soporific fare provided by […]



Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be a ghost and float through the air passing though walls? To hear and to see without being seen or heard, playing at life without having the responsibility of being in it? Oscar Wilde’s work shows us a visionary author who maintains, at the end of this cybernetic millennium, all […]

The Maese Pedro puppet show (El retablo de Maese Pedro) is one of the most important reference points for the Spanish puppet theatre of the 20th Century. The premiere of this chamber opera for puppets in Paris in 1923 was the result of the collaboration between Manuel de Falla and a small group of Spanish […]



  • AWARD MAX 2018 , Best Show  for children, youth and family. 2018


  • Golden Dragon Award by Regional Jury. Lleida Puppets Fair 2010
  • Special Mention by Internacional Jury. Lleida Puppets Fair 2010
  • Best Theatre Show, season 2010. Spectators Assotiation of Teatre del Mar (Palma Mallorca)
  • Best Adults Theatre Show, the Vall d’Albaida Int. Puppet Festival 2010

The unreal woman

  • Best Lighting Design (Premis Abril) 2010

¡Hola, Cenerentola!

  • Best Graphic Design (Premis Abril) 2009


  • Best Children Theatre Show (2008 Scenic Arts Awards Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana)
  • Best Supporting Actress for Mercedes Tienda (Premis Abril) 2008
  • Best Theatre Producing (Premis Abril) 2008
  • Best Theatre Show, Maribor International Puppet Festival (Slovenia) 2007
  • Best Dramatic Contribution (2007 the Vall d’Albaida Int. Puppet Festival)
  • Honourable Mention, Torun International Puppet Festival (Poland) 2007

El Cielo en una Estancia

  • Best Dramatic Contribution (2008 the Vall d’Albaida Int. Puppet Festival)
  • April 2007 Award for Best Supporting Actor (David Durán)
  • April 2007 Award for Best Set Design (Jaume Policarpo)


  • 2006 Scenic Arts Awards (Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana): Best Score (Jesús Salvador “Chapi”)


  • 2001 Scenic Arts Awards (TGV):Best theatre show
  • 2001 Scenic Arts Awards (TGV):Best lighting (Victor Antón)
  • The Cartelera Turia Award for best theatrical contribution in 2001

Cyrano de Bergerac

  • La Garnacha National Theatre Competition Award (Logroño 1999) for best supporting actress for Esperanza Giménez


• Best Scenography 1997 (T.G.V.)

• Critics Award for Best Director 1997

El Retablo de Maese Pedro

  • Honourable Mention from the Grand Theatre, Havana (Cuba) 1999

The garden of earthly delights

  • Critics’ award for Best Plastic Production 1996
  • 1996 Scenic Arts Awards (TGV):Best Score (Joan Cerveró)


  • Best Show in the Sallanches (France) International Humour Festival
  • Critics’ award for the Best Valencian Show (92-93 season)


  • Best Show, Botosani Marionettes Festival (Romania)
  • Honourable Mention from the Grand Theatre, Havana (Cuba) 1999
  • Best show, Torun International Puppet Festival 1999 (Poland)
  • Best dramatic contribution (2005 the Vall d’Albaida Int. Puppet Festival)
  • Corral de Comedias 2007, Almagro Theater Festival Award to Bambalina artistic contribution
  • AVETID d’Or 2006, Award to Bambalina artistic contribution