About the show

Let yourself go. OK?

Situate yourself close to the heart, to its hidden side. FAN. Now think LOVE. The sort that makes your blood burn. The sort that opens the earth under your feet. The sort that nullifies your will. That drags you to perdition. BLUNDERBLUSS. What’s up with you? It’s not love, you’ve gone too far, you’ve fallen for it. CARNATION. Her black eyes have trapped you, the swing of her hips, her heaving breasts. MARE. What has that woman got? She is free, pure and wild. What does that woman feel? MYSTERY. She belongs to nobody, not even you. Never. PAIN. MADNESS. DEATH. CARMEN. Carmen is her name. Forever.

Firma Bambalina

Artistic team

Plot, staging and direction: Jaume Policarpo Performers: David Durán, Merce Tienda, Josep Maria Zapater Lighting: David Durán Composition and performance of soundtrack: Óscar Jareño Live music composition and performance: Josep Mª Zapater Puppets and atrezzo: Jaume Policarpo, Ximo Muñoz Graphic and media design: Inklude Photography and audiovisuals: Samuel Domingo Performance filming: Itaca vídeo Diseño promoción y comunicación en internet: Bambalina-Inklude Assistant Producer: Inma Expósito Executive Production and distribution: Ángeles González Production Manager: Josep Policarpo