About the show

There were many reasons that led us to approach the work by Michael Ende: the singular attraction awakened by marginal characters, the poetic ambiance enveloping them, social sensitivity, the ecological message and the predominance at all times of fantasy, as well as that vital optimism that often transcends the characters’ activities. Finally, our challenge consisted of transferring the fragile images of thought and imagination to the real world of the stage and that is why we have prepared a show for the senses and the heart.

Firma Bambalina

Artistic team

Adaptation: Vicent Vila

Directed by: Ramón Moreno

Performers: Amparo Sanjuán, Josep Policarpo, Ion Ladarescu, José Montesinos

Scenery, wardrobe and marionettes: Jaume Policarpo

Musical consultant: Amparo Pedregal.

Lighting: Pablo Lavarías

Technical crew: Emilio Lavarías, Diego Rubio

Photography: Mario Soler

Executive production: Vicent Vila, Isabel Juan