About the show


Love to life

As soon as the rehearsals started “Kiti” appeared. The spontaneous birth of a character is always joyfully welcomed into the rehearsal room. Soon after, everyone in the room felt that special bond between puppet and puppeteer. It was our idea to create a little life; an inspirational biography worthy of being shown to children, or at the very least to emanate beauty during the performance. And so, which type of world should we invent for such a naïve being, imagining it in our own way?

We have tried to recreate an exciting, candid and purposeful life; in a huge universe where everything is possible. An environment that is both gentle and rough at the same time, a story made of experiences and dreams, certainty and fantasy, and love for music. A world that is similar to ours except that it has been transformed by the metaphorical capacity of the stage, to make it easier to understand and love.






Firma Bambalina

Artistic team

Music composer: Óscar Jareño

Playwright and artistic director: Jaume Policarpo

Actors: Josep Pérez, Arántzazu Pastor and Juanma Picazo

Lighting designer: Víctor Antón

Puppet and set designer: Jaume Policarpo

Set construction: Juan Meliá

Metal structure construction: Manuel Palanca

Puppet construction: Miguel Ángel Camacho

Graphic designer: Jaume Marco

Photographer: Vicente A. Jiménez

Video producer: Albert Staromiejski

Production manager: Ruth Atienza

Distributor: Marisol Limiñana


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