Picaro Mondo

Picaro Mondo

About the show

There was a time in history in which popular knowledge displaced the religious fact of the stage and opened up a much more diverse and complex dramatic field. The so-called picaresque is the underlying seam throughout our show. In this we have developed the subjects, the techniques and the scenic forms that characterise this theatrical transit and for this we have used masks, disguises, puppets and other scenic devices.

Picaro Mondo is a homage to this way of making theatre, one in which the popular and the everyday acquires the status of spectacle.

Firma Bambalina

Artistic team

Adaptation: Vicent Vila

Performers: Jaume Policarpo, Josep Policarpo, Matilde Soler

Collective direction

Scenery and marionettes: Jaume Policarpo, Vicent Vila

Executive production: Vicent Vila