About the show

Not merely does the nose on Bambalina’s Pinocchio grow but develops a body, taking on the actor’s gestures, voice and feeings. Marionettes and actors merge in this show, bringing all of them into the world of fiction, in which the artistes Josep and Jaume Policarpo, Berna Llobell, Pilar Algarra, Raquel Rocart and Josep Burgos are as unreal as the bits of wood that make up the puppet created in fiction by the Italian Collodi. The passage from puppet to actor is the great success of this production.

Firma Bambalina

Artistic team

Adaptation: Vicent Vila

Musical composition: Ramón Cardo

Directed by: Rafael Calatayud

Performers: Josep Policarpo, Pilar Algarra/Empar Canet, Jaume Policarpo, Berna Llobell/Pau Esteve, Josep Mª Calatayud/Pep Burgos, Amparo Sanjuán/Raquel Ricart

Lighting: Josep Solbes

Scenery, wardrobe and marionettes: Jaume Policarpo

Technical crew: Centre Teatral Escalante

Wardrobe design: Marina Castro, Teresa Calatayud

Photography: Vicente Jiménez

Executive production: Vicent Vila