Disposable object

From the infinite objects that we have invented with a solely practical purpose, there are some that are now particularly intriguing to us: the single use objects, the disposable ones. They are manufactured and distributed by the millions and their invading capacity is such, that wherever there are people, these objects are clustered around them. They are of such common and widespread use that they have become invisible. If it were necessary to create a perfect antagonist (please allow this expression from the puppeteer) to an artistic object: unique, beautiful, unusual and expressive, it would be, without a shred of doubt, the disposable object. I do not know exactly what it was about the way we looked at that plastic cup, in which we were drinking coffee that day but … A spark ignited and illuminated the corner where everything gets stuck on windy days.  A world opened up, a cosmos populated with glass-shaped planets orbiting around each other following a secret order.

- Jaume Policarpo -

Artistic team

Creación: Jaume Policarpo

Intérpretes: Àngel Fígols, Jesús Muñoz, Nacho Diago

Diseño iluminación: Víctor Antón

Composición musical: Albert Sanz

Coreografía: Rosa Belén Ardid

Diseño gráfico: Bea Bascuñán, Albert Jornet y Espacio Paco Bascuñán 2010

Fotografía: Mario Piera

Vídeo y proyecciones: Eloi Càrcel

Construcción objetos e instalaciones: Toni Zafra, Jaume Quilis, Juanfran Áznar

Equipo técnico: Martín Muñoz/Víctor Antón/Yavet Ramos

Jefe producción: Josep Policarpo

Distribución y producción ejecutiva: Ángeles González

Professional info