The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most recognized works of the illustrious French writer Victor Hugo. It is a romantic novel populated by touching characters who are exposed to a torrent of feelings that drive them to live in a passionate way. The main characters of this universal story face the fate of destiny with such determination and vitality that we are compelled to feel empathy with them. We wanted this innate force to be the main essence of our theatrical proposal, to make sure that we are playing the real game of theatre, in which the audience feels the characters so vividly that if they stretched out their arms they could touch them.

We think it is essential for a younger audience to have the opportunity to experience this theatrical universe, full of great characters and great emotions. This is an experience deeply rooted in one of our best traditions that we wish to bring back to the youngest audience, who these days are surrounded by an extremely technological and immediate form of culture and entertainment which, in most cases, does not go beyond mere distraction.

- Jaume Policarpo -

Artistic team

Intérpretes: Hèctor Fuster, Yanka Saballs, Miquel Mars, Nelo Gómez, Bruno Tamarit/Juanma Picazo, Paula Llorens/Gemma Miralles, Carlos Vidal, Guille Zavala

Texto: Jaume Policarpo

Composición y dirección musical: Albert Sanz

Diseño y realización vestuario: Pascual Peris

Diseño espacio escénico: Jaume Policarpo

Diseño iluminación: Víctor Antón

Coreógrafo: Abel Martí

Maquillaje: Quica Belda

Diseño gráfico: Estudio EPB

Fotografia y vídeo: Samuel Domingo

Dirección: Jaume Policarpo

Desarrollo técnico y escenografía: Eduardo Díaz

Realización espacio escénico: Odeón Decorados

Realización atrezzo y títeres: Juanma Picazo

Gabinete comunicación: María García

Regidora: Inma Expósito

Productores: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González

Professional info