¡Hola, Cenerentola!


Playing with Rossini’s Opera

Coproduced by the INSTITUT VALENCIÀ DE LA MÚSICA + BAMBALINA for all audiences.

We haven’t reproduced Rossini’s Cinderella, we’ve used it as a fabulous toy; using it to rediscover how to have fun with art, defining a realm in which everything takes on new meaning and using the original without eclipsing or distorting it. We want to provide a contemporary, fun and lucid take on this opera: three eccentric characters who manipulate the singers and musicians, animation, shadows and a world of living letters that have broken free from their habitual task of forming words to devote themselves to illustrating places and characters. Let’s play with Rossini!

Artistic team

Stage Production: Jaume Policarpo

Musical Direction: Jordi Bernàcer

Actors: Juanfran Aznar, David Durán, Àngel Fígols

Singers: Beatriz Lanza (Angelina), Alberto Guardiola (Ramiro), Carlos López (Don Magnífico), Yolanda Marín (Clorinda), Soledad Pedrosa (Tisbe)

Musicians: Óscar Oliver / Husan Park (piano), Teresa Alamá (cello), Cornelio Gómez (clarinet), Mª Pilar Juanes (flute), Jaume Llinares (violin), Àlber Català (bassoon), Pau Moltó (horn)

Professional info