Mr. Kidd


Imagine one day when you come out of school and there’s no-one waiting for you. Maybe you get scared but… What about using your imagination to overcome your fear? That’s what Kidd does with the help of his favourite characters: a superhero, a robot and his pet-a horse he always carries in his pocket. And so he begins an imaginary journey in which he’s able to overcome any adverse situation he comes across and finally feel strong.
What would you do?

- Jaume Policarpo -

Artistic team

Direction: Eva Zapico

Players: Àngel Fígols, Pau Gregori

Collective creation: Eva Zapico, Àngel Fígols, Pau Gregori

Staging: Jesús Acevedo, Eusebio López

Scenography & puppets: Sfumato

Composer: Joan Mei

Lighting design: David Durán

Graphic design & illustrations: Estudio Eusebio López

Photography: Samuel Domingo

Performance filming: Ítaca Vídeo

Production: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González

Professional info