Petit Pierre


Pierre Avezard, called Petit Pierre, was an amazing human being whose life and work has moved thousands of people. His creation, a mechanical installation; fascinating for both the combination of characters and the inventions and gears that animate them, has become a great love poem for life. Every spring he proudly showed it to everyone who wanted to come along and he himself would put it to work as an extension of his body. All those who knew him were touched by this singular and wonderful person, able to create an extraordinarily simple yet incredibly powerful piece of work.

- Jaume Policarpo -

Artistic team

Dirección: Carles Alfaro

Intérpretes: Adriana Ozores, Jaume Policarpo

Texto: Suzanne Lebeau

Composición y dirección musical: Albert Sanz

Percusión: Borja Barrueta

Diseño espacio escénico: Jaume Policarpo

Realización espacio escénico: Odeón Decorados

Elementos de tracción mecánica: Bicicletas Pedalnet

Diseño iluminación: Víctor Antón

Diseño sonido: Edu Soriano

Diseño gráfico: Assad Kassab

Fotografia: Samuel Domingo

Vídeo: Ítaca Vídeo

Ayudante de dirección: Paula Llorens

Producción: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González

Professional info