Cyrano de Bergerac


You only have to come as the audience and to experience this little big miracle directly, a show which is unfairly called original, because it is a lot more than that. In addition to its most technical virtues (scenery plasticity, the precision of the musical notes or the discretion with which the lighting creates and defines environments), this Cyrano is a display of interpretative enthusiasm, especially perceptible in the audience’s enjoyment of the performance. The magic that brings the theatrical elements to the spectator is the result of the love and emotional engagement in which the actors are the vehicles of a storyline that they recreate with the most intense poetry.

- Emili Gené -

Artistic team

Adaptation: Jaume Policarpo

Directed by: Gemma Miralles

Performers: Jaume Policarpo, Esperanza Giménez, David Durán

Scenery: Jaume Policarpo, Gemma Miralles

Lighting: Mario Luque

Technician: Ximo Muñoz

Marionette and prop design and construction: Jaume Policarpo, Miguel A. Camacho, Ximo Muñoz

Wardrobe design: Marina Castro

Photographs: Pepi Ureña

Executive production: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González