Three characters caught up in the performance: a jazz singer, her puppeteer son, and a stripper who will cross their path. Unpredictable because they are human, sensitive because they show us their most secret ways, complete because they consider themselves hopelessly unfinished. They live with the weight of the past or their guilt, they fight between the rivalry and the adoration that parents inspire, and they need answers. And so humor arises, the best token of humanity, with a certain dose of cynicism, accompanied by beautiful live music that opens our hearts so that emotions may penetrate us faster.

- Gemma Miralles -

Artistic team

Autor: Jaume Policarpo

Dirección musical: Enric Peidro

Dirección: Gemma Miralles

Intérpretes: Teresa Urroz/Pili Paneque, David Durán, Cristina García

Pianista: Ricardo Belda

Espacio escénico: Jaume Policarpo

Iluminación: Víctor Antón

Equipo técnico: Edu Bolinches, Ximo Muñoz

Diseño gráfico: Estudi Paco Bascuñán

Fotografía: Pepi Ureña, Jaume Policarpo

Prensa: Mariví Martín

Producción ejecutiva: Ángeles González, Josep Policarpo