This is a dance of the mind for actors and puppets with the memories of Dolores Ibaurri, the communist leader born in the Basque Country. Brushstrokes of a life that passes and is exiled among the most striking images of the 20th century. Bambalina shows us a Dolores made of wood, made a puppet, one fighting like a great lady for her ideas and against fascism. This is a human adventure in which the peasant mother debates with the character that has become popular myth, almost a Romancier heroine, because of the needs of the proletariat. The actors-dancers- puppeteers become the scenario for an Arcadia of illusions, an Iberian streak in which the two “Spains” bullfight, an enormous pile of memories, puppets and objects that bleed out before the spectator, witness of a Spanish tragicomedy narrated to the rhythm imposed by dreams or nightmares.

- Jorge Picó -

Artistic team

Script and staging concept: Jaume Policarpo
Musical composition: Víctor Manuel San José
Choreography: Cristina Andreu
Directed by: Jorge Picó
Performers: Cristina Andreu, Esperanza Giménez, Gemma Miralles/Cristina García, David Durán
Lighting: Víctor Antón
Technical crew: Edu Bolinches, Ximo Muñoz
Graphic design: Estudi Paco Bascuñán
Photography: Pepi Ureña
Executive production: Josep Policarpo, Angeles González