About the show

A Bambalina-Centre Teatral Escalante production.

Of note in this version of Alicia is the high level of creativity in a version that is dramatically efficient, of excellent design and management, with more than worthy results. The Sala Escalante continues to score points with a moderate and coherent policy compared with the soporific fare provided by public theatre. Once again Bambalina has demonstrated the nobilities of its scenic mastery, even when not limited to the strict language of puppets.

Firma Bambalina

Artistic team

Adaptation: Pasqual Alapont

Musical composition: Joan Cerveró

Directed by: Joaquín Hinojosa

Performers: Inés Díaz/Rebeca Valls, Ion Ladarescu/David Durán, Esperanza Jiménez, Empar Canet, Yolanda García, Cristina García, Pep Ricart/Juansa Lloret
Musicians: Rafael Gálvez/Antonio Sánchez

Management assistant: Ester Alabor

Lighting: Josep Solbes

Scenery and marionettes: Jaume Policarpo

Scenery and marionette design and construction: Jaume Policarpo, Ion Ladarescu, Marta Villazón, Celia Sierras, Ximo Muñoz

Backdrop production: Odeón Decorados

Wardrobe design: Jaume Policarpo, Marta Villazón, Celia Sierras

Technical crew: Centre Teatral Escalante

Photographs: José García Poveda

Executive production: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González