The soldier's story

The soldier's story

About the show

An extraordinary work studded with references and allusions to the great dilemmas of human existence, put together with a prodigious score make for the perfect canvas for painting a poem. Rafael Alberti, a man of his time, was one of the first to be enamoured by this Story of the Soldier. As always with lovers, and even more so if they are born poets, within the sheets of a hotel in Seville, we can feel the tunes that beat in their heart and, in these, the echoing murmurs of the sea in Cádiz, the clear voices of its people and ancient imagination sleeping in its whitewashed houses.

Firma Bambalina

Artistic team

Authors: Ramuz-Stravinsky
Musical director: Joan Cerveró
Choreography: Carmelo Fernández
Stage manager: Jaume Policarpo
Performers: Juli Cantó, David Durán, Esperanza Giménez, Esther Morales, José Rodríguez
Musicians: Joan Cerveró, Vicent Balaguer , Vicent Taroncher, Javier Sapiña, Jesús Romero, José Cerveró, Juan Sapiña, Miguel Ángel Orero, Manuel Gassent, Salvador Tarrasó, Vicent Campos
Scenery: Daniel Tejero, Jaume Policarpo
Wardrobe: Rocío Cabedo
Lighting: Edu Bolinches
Technical crew: Edu Bolinches, Ximo Muñoz, Vicente Mezquita
Puppet design and construction: Jaume Policarpo, Ximo Muñoz, Salvador Comeche
Scenic production: De Blanc
Graphic design: Estudi Paco Bascuñán
Photography: Samuel Domingo
Press: Mariví Martín
Executive production: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González, Vicent Ros
Administration: Anabel Calderón