Federico García Lorca’s Smile


Federico García Lorca’s Smile is an affective approach to the life and universe of the brilliant poet from Granada. This is a show that explores the metaphorical capacity of images in which the aesthetic and expressive abound. From the start of the show there is an unusual scene created that captivates the spectator with its expressive eloquence and originality. All of the components that come together – the music, dance, lights, actors, puppets, objects and scenery allow the spectator to enter a different dimension where one can feel rather than understand theatre.

Artistic team

Script and staging concept: Jaume Policarpo

Musical composition: Ricardo Belda

Director: Jaume Policarpo

Performers: David Durán, Esperanza Giménez

Singer: Isabel Julve

Musicians: Ricardo Esteve, Luís Llario, Felipe Cucciardi, Ricardo Belda

Lighting: Edu Bolinches

Marionette and prop design and construction: Salvador Comeche, Ximo Muñoz

Graphic design: Estudi Paco Bascuñán

Photographs: Jordi Pla

Press office: Mariví Martín

Executive production: Josep Policarpo, Ángeles González